Volunteer Vacation in China

Teach Conversational English to Children, Teens and Adults - China is an archaeological and cultural wonder of no equal. Volunteering in China is a unique and meaningful way to discover this fascinating nation - home to one-fifth of the world's population. Our unique partnership was the first of its kind, and offers you an authentic service experience. Global Volunteers works closely with local partners to identify projects needing volunteer assistance. English language proficiency is now a universal graduation requirement in Chinese colleges and universities.

  • teach conversational English to students of all ages
  • demonstrate English skills and resources to teachers
  • promote girls' education

Imagine every day walking into a classroom where the students stand to greet you or teachers complement your personal contributions, and both eagerly respond to your English lessons and practice sessions. Together with our Chinese hosts, we help academic leaders in Xi'an and Kunming provide exceptional educational opportunities, and experience China intimately, with the politics and pretences "peeled away."

In Xi'an, you'll teach English lessons in elementary, secondary or university classrooms to students with all levels of language abilities. After school, you can join your students in shopping or sight-seeing trips or musical events.

In Kunming, you'll lead a group of Chinese teachers of English in conversations as they improve their pronunciation, and broaden their repertoire of English language games and activities to apply in their own classrooms.

Volunteer in China, and contribute to the educational development of youth, adults, and teachers. In this way, you gain a personal understanding of the "inside" of China through unique service opportunities. Our hosts will assign you to projects that put you directly in touch with hospitable Chinese people in day-to-day situations. What's more, you'll participate in local events and celebrations, and explore cultural and natural attractions during free time.

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