Volunteer Vacation in the Cook Islands

Support Children in the idyllic Cook Islands of the South Pacific. Unspoiled ancient mountains ringed by crystal-clear, turquoise water attracted a hearty and self-reliant Maori people. Today, the beauty remains, but local people are challenged by a declining population, a weakened economy, and obstacles faced by most developing countries. Your skills, expertise and "helping hands" provide essential resources to the island's youth and adults! Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds - including families - find important and enjoyable ways to help deliver essential services on the island of Rarotonga. A volunteering couple says this is "The Best Vacation You'll Ever Love."

Global Volunteers works through the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Education along with the Cook Islands Civil Society Organizations (CICSO). Read news about Essential Services on Rarotonga. More than 80 local organizations collaborate through CICSO to improve educational, health and social services on the islands. As a volunteer in the Cook Islands, you can contribute directly to local development efforts while enjoying the beauty and culture of the South Pacific. More reflections on volunteering in the Cook Islands:

Essential Services in the Cook Islands

Raising Childrens Potenital with The 12 Essential ServicesGlobal Volunteers works with local partners to identify projects needing volunteer assistance. As an essential link in a long chain of volunteers in the Cook Islands, you can help deliver essential services to local people in a number of ways:

  • tutoring elementary and middle school students
  • repairing and painting school and community buildings
  • nurturing preschool children
  • teaching health, nutrition and hygiene
  • promoting girls' education
  • demonstrating effective hand washing
  • starting and maintaining school gardens using Earthboxes
  • organizing school library systems
  • assisting local health care workers with public health campaigns

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