Volunteer Vacation in Costa Rica

Paint, Build and Teach in Costa Rica as a volunteer. "Pura vida" - Costa Ricans' traditional greeting which is literally translated "pure life" - means to walk lightly, stop and smell the flowers, take it easy, and enjoy life. If you enjoy "soft adventure," volunteer in Costa Rica with our host partners on family-friendly service projects. Learn about this vibrant culture while you help resourceful local people realize their vision of self-sufficiency.

Local leaders in Monteverde will direct you on community development projects such as renovating buildings, landscaping public spaces, painting classrooms, and improving eco-tourism. The variety of work changes from team to team, depending upon current needs. In a short time, your personal efforts as a volunteer in Costa Rica help catalyze long-term economic and social improvements. Roll up your sleeves and make a genuine contribution working with resourceful people!

Essential Services in Costa Rica

Raising Childrens Potential with The 12 Essential ServicesGlobal Volunteers has worked with rural villages in the Monteverde area consistently since 1992. Always serving at the invitation and under the direction of local people, each Global Volunteers team has built on the success of previous volunteers in helping significantly raise the standard of living in host communities. As an essential link in a long chain of volunteers in Costa Rica, you can help deliver these essential services on your service program:

  • helping upgrade a classroom
  • painting and landscaping community facilities
  • assisting with youth recreational activities
  • starting and maintaining school gardens
  • promoting girls' education
  • assisting with recycling to promote ecotourism
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