NEW in 2015 - Volunteer in Cuba,
Your Opportunity to Help Cuban Children and Adults

Lend your heart and hands in support of the Cuban people on projects to enhance civil society. Work alongside students, farmers, clergy, mothers, tradesmen, retirees and other community members in classrooms, churches, community centers, and farm fields. Be the first in nearly 50 years to serve as a volunteer in Cuba! Read more here.

Discover Cuba With The People-to-People Experts

Your Most Affordable Cuba Educational Travel Option
Global Volunteers offers the most authentic and affordable people-to-people educational travel to Cuba available. Cuba NOW! centers around the Cuban people. Meet with local students, teachers, artists, farmers, clergy and/or community leaders to learn first-hand about daily life on this island nation - and share American culture, government, education, sports and daily life with local Cubans.

Cuba People to People
Exhilarating. Thought-provoking. Fun. Global Volunteers’ Cuba NOW! program penetrates the Cuban mystique with an itinerary that weaves an intriguing tapestry of a fascinating and complex country and culture. Every day meeting with the Cuban people was better than the day before! Maria Micale, 2012 participant

Call 800-487-1074 program details. Click for Cuba NOW! Program Itinerary

What a wonderful time we had in Cuba. I'm convinced that the only way to really learn about Cuba, the old and the new, is through Global Volunteers. For Shirley and me, it was the trip of a lifetime.Jim Herman, 2013 participant

Register online now or print and mail/fax/email a text registration. Fax 651-482-0915, Cuba NOW! 375 E. Little Canada Rd. St. Paul, MN 55117

Program Costs and Accommodations

Travel to Cuba is highly limited; only selected organizations are authorized to conduct people-to-people programs. Our license (CT-2013-303249-1), issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, permits U.S. citizens to legally visit Cuba on Global Volunteers' Cuba NOW! Program.

You will stay in four- and five-star hotels in Havana, enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine, and most importantly, have the opportunity to engage the Cuban people. This eight-day and seven-night program is double occupancy, and includes seven breakfasts, seven lunches, and seven dinners as well as your round-trip flight from Miami to Havana, all local transportation and entrance fees to educational events. Single rooms - limited by availability - are $400 additional. Cuba is not a typical "tourist" destination, and flexibility is essential. Cuban hotels are comfortable, food is healthy and enticing, and local people are engaging and accommodating. Unlike Global Volunteers Service Programs abroad, Cuba NOW! is not a tax-deductible program.

With the slow but certain expansion of travel to Cuba, opportunities for Americans seem now to abound. But not all programs are fundamentally educational, cultural, people-to-people exchange as opposed to facades for tourism. Because Global Volunteers has a tradition steeped in SERVICE the balance is set exactly right. While the thinly disguised tour companies wander thru the maze of setting up visits to things truly cultural and involved with the people (resulting in disjointed trips and unnecessary expenses ) Global Volunteers uses its years of experience in genuine service to create a memorable experience of genuine interaction with the people of this enchanting island. The price is actually less than similar trips booked by tour operators yet the accommodations and meals were excellent.Joseph Steffen Jr.

A Unique and Exceptional Educational Exchange Program!

You can rely on Global Volunteers' recognized high standards of program management and in-country cultural immersion. Travel with family and friends (minimum age 15) and share unprecedented first-hand access to learning opportunities in a wide variety of settings.

  • Meet with "ordinary" Cubans. Engage students, educators, farmers, artists, business professionals, and religious leaders in discussions on U.S. and Cuban culture, traditions, and history.
  • Share ideas, values and life stories. Education, sports, economics, music, theater, health care systems, history and business are all potential topics.
  • Discover Cubans' interests. Local people are well-versed in current affairs, and eager to engage in personal discussions.
  • Learn about Cuban community theater, art and/or music. Visit Teatro D' Morón to participate in theatrical performances and to talk with artists.
  • Explore Cuban national and regional history. Learn about the roots of Cuban culture and traditions at UNESCO World Heritage sites and/or university workshops.
  • Experience local living conditions. Become familiar with Cubans' daily activities through personal visits with community members.
  • Discuss U.S. culture, traditions, history, and lifestyles.

Global Volunteers is a private, non-profit organization working at the invitation and under the direction of local leaders worldwide. Since 1984, we've engaged "average" people in direct people-to-people initiatives to cultivate international understanding and respect. You'll benefit from our vast expertise in program management, cultural sensitivity, and global educational exchanges.

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