Service Program Fees

The service program fee covers your food, lodging, in-country transportation, a trained team leader, emergency medical and evacuation insurance, 24-hour emergency phone access, work projects supplies, orientation materials, reading lists and pre-departure tips for responsible volunteering.

Country 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks
China (Kunming) $2,695 $2,895
China (Xi'an) $2,495 $2,695 $2,895
Cook Islands $2,695 $2,895 $3,095
Costa Rica $2,495 $2,695
Cuba $2,395 $2,795
Ecuador $2,495 $2,695
Greece $2,795 $2,995
India† $1,800 $1,800
Italy $2,795 $3,195
Mexico $2,395 $2,595
Peru $2,495 $2,695
Poland (Siedlce) $2,395 $2,595 $2,795
Poland (Zakopane) $2,595 $2,595
Portugal $2,695 $2,895
Romania $2,095 $2,295
St. Lucia $2,695 $2,895
Tanzania $2,595 $2,595
United States $1045
Viet Nam $2,495 $2,895

Note: No discounts apply to India (marked above with †).

Available Discounts:

All service program fees are based on our actual costs. We offer discounts to promote service and to recognize situations where volunteers save us time and money.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for one or more discounts. Please note that you may qualify for the returning volunteer and family & multi-person discounts; however, if you take the student discount, no other discounts can be applied.

* Returning Volunteer Discount: We offer returning volunteers a $200 discount for international programs and a $50 discount on USA programs in recognition of continued service with Global Volunteers. Ask your volunteer coordinator for details.

* Student Discount: Service early in life leads to life-long service. We want to promote service by students and offer a $200 discount on international programs and $50 on USA programs. Simply send us a photocopy of your current student I.D. card and fee statement showing you are a full time student.

* Family and Multi-Person Discount: If we can send more volunteers, our community partners receive more service. If you recruit people to volunteer with you, our job of finding volunteers just got easier. Consequently, for each volunteer you bring with you on an international service program, we will discount your fee by $200 up to a maximum of $800 for four first-time volunteers ($100-$400 for USA). This discount is not available with the student discount. Additional savings are available for groups of ten or more. Call 800-487-1074.

* Under 12 Discount: One child (12 and under), traveling with one full paying adult, pays 50% of the international program fee during March, June, July, August and December.

* Matching Gifts Your employer may match your donation to Global Volunteers, either for your service program fee or a direct gift. Some matching gifts can pay up to ¾ of your service program. Use the search box below to determine if your company offers a “matching gifts” program.

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