Guidelines for Project Donations

You may donate online to any of Global Volunteers' ongoing programs throughout the year. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and will be directed to the purpose you specify.

The significant needs in our partner communities sometimes give rise to volunteers' desire to independently donate financially to community hosts or residents. While on the surface this can seem generous, in fact, direct donations to individuals are specifically prohibited by Global Volunteers to avoid inequities or appearances of favoritism within the community. Further, donations to host organizations independent of Global Volunteers have been largely disruptive to our programs. Both actions risk Global Volunteers' ongoing development partnership. Because donations to host community projects are an important resource for our partners, we ask you to work through us with your contributions and abide by our formal project donations policy:

Global Volunteers Community Project Donations Policy

As a non-profit organization, our fiscal responsibility is clear, according to U.S. government regulations. Donors are permitted to make tax-deductible contributions to Global Volunteers for specific program needs, as requested by our host partners. To guard against fraud and avoid the appearance of misappropriation, Global Volunteers staff are not allowed to collect any monetary donations from volunteers while in the host country.

By August 1 of each year, each of Global Volunteers' partners provides a list of work project priorities in need of funding for the next fiscal year - 1 October to 30 September. Items on the priority list are directly related to the work project(s) the volunteer teams will be working on in the community during the following fiscal year. Global Volunteers' U.S. office staff fundraises for these priorty projects, and manages the disbursement of donations to the host community.

Volunteers are informed in their orientation packets of the host community's project donation requests, along with materials that can be taken with the volunteer and used on the service program. Materials that are not specifically requested by the host community are not allowed to be distributed in the host commmunity by the volunteer or Global Volunteers staff or team leader.

If you are interested in donating funds or materials to a host community, we surely want to work with you to ensure that your contribution is appropriately distributed. Please contact us prior to your service program to arrange for your donation. If you're not currently scheduled for a service program and would like to donate needed materials to a host community, please contact us to discuss the options available to you. Thank you!

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