Volunteer Vacation in Ecuador

Care for children as a volunteer in a colorful Ecuadorian village. Eleven captivating, ancient cultures weave harmoniously together to unite Ecuador's past and present. It's in this sublime setting, surrounded by spectacular mountain landscapes, you'll serve at two daycare centers. Play with and teach pre-schoolers, help improve the playground, and repair and paint classrooms. You're needed now more than ever - our host partners, the local women of Calderon, outside Quito, have joined together to create safe and nurturing spaces for children living in poverty. Families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds have much to give and learn as volunteers in Ecuador.

"Words cannot describe my experience serving the sweet children of Ecuador. Global Volunteers was the best thing I have ever done. I miss my team and the children everyday. The people were so kind, loving, genuine, and determined, despite living in poverty. I was beyond blessed to go on this amazing journey. Thank you for everything."
~Caitlin Sturms-Salyer, 2014 Ecuador volunteer

The children we serve live in very basic housing, and have pressing education and health care needs. Working under the direction of our host partners, you can provide essential services to improve future opportunities in these young lives. No matter your previous volunteer experience, your personal efforts as a volunteer in Ecuador significantly extend the capabilities of local caregivers. Be the difference in a child's life!

Essential Services in Ecuador

Raising Childrens Potenital with The 12 Essential ServicesGlobal Volunteers' development partnership serving at-risk and disabled children in Ecuador began in 1996, and continues under the direction of the Fundacion de Damas Calderonenses. As an essential link in a long chain of volunteers in Ecudaor, you can help deliver essential services to greatly expand impoverished pre-schoolers' educational, health and social resources:

  • teaching English to preschool children
  • teaching health, nutrition and hygiene
  • promoting girls' education
  • demonstrating effective hand washing
  • starting and maintaining school gardens
  • constructing and repairing school facilities

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