Encore! Staying Involved at Home

Over the years, volunteers have expressed a strong desire to stay connected with their host communities and to continue their work with the local people they served once they return home. Sharing the excitement of new insights and perspectives is an important part of your experience.

"My five Global Volunteers programs were some of the most meaningful experiences of my life, and I talk about them every chance I get!"
-Mimi Raphael, Encore Volunteer

When you join a Global Volunteers team, you join a worldwide network of service sustained by local host organizations, Global Volunteers staff and volunteers worldwide. All work together to ensure our partnerships will consistently address the needs of the local people we serve. When you return home, you join a network of Encore! volunteers who help us continue to serve host communities in many new ways. Let us engage you in one of these Encore! programs and Leave Your Mark on the World again and again.

Help us Engage New Volunteers: A steady stream of committed volunteers and sufficient funding form the foundation of our continued support across the globe. More than 30 percent of our volunteers join future teams, and many bring others with them. This is the most effective way you can continue to support Global Volunteers' work. While your personal service is central, we also need your help to recruit others to join future teams, and to provide additional financial support for vulnerable children in host communities worldwide. Work with us to share your story in these ways:

We'll support you with fact sheets, postcards, videos, photos, brochures and powerpoint presentations to support your efforts. Contact us for a presentation kit and audio-visual materials.

Donate to a Classroom or Community Project: While our volunteer teams provide tremendous "hands-on" resources year-around, funding often falls short. That's where your donations help fill the gap. If you're excited about the opportunity to provide essential services to children, please support a community classroom or raise funds for special needs.
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