Short-Term Volunteer Vacations with Global Volunteers

There's a child hundreds or thousands of miles away who needs your help. Who needs something you know how to do. Who needs a week or two of your time and their life’s arc will be forever changed. Help this child, and your life, in turn, will change forever. Take the first step. Join a short-term team of "vacation volunteers" working on long-term sustainable, comprehensive community development projects. Trust us to guide you...and Leave Your Mark on the World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Global Volunteers?

Global Volunteers is a worldwide network of local people, community leaders, volunteers, staff and board members committed to creating, nurturing and sustaining the well-being of the world’s children. Our community partners are local leaders devoted to delivering essential services so children can realize their full human potential. Our board members are professionals who are passionate about international service, and our staff has deep international and development expertise. Most of our programs are led by country managers who were born and raised in the host country and are trained and experienced in managing diverse groups of people. Our co-founders have spent three decades expanding and improving Global Volunteers' partnerships worldwide. Together, Global Volunteers partners, board, staff and volunteers work to catalyze life-altering community service projects to wage peace and improve children's lives. Learn more about Global Volunteers.

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What are Volunteer Vacations?

Volunteer Vacations are short-term service opportunities abroad or in another culture or destination at home, providing a unique, "non-tourist" glimpse of daily life in the host community. The main purpose of a volunteer vacation is to put yourself at the service of the host community, and to contribute to community-driven work projects. On a volunteer vacation, you serve others on a wide variety of meaningful work projects, and use your skills and interests in an unconventional setting to benefit others. In this way, you can wage peace through service while connecting on a deeply human level.

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What Can I Do on a Volunteer Vacation?

You have the opportunity to personally contribute to an on-going community development project delivering essential services while you learn first-hand about daily life in the host community. Volunteer service projects fall into three broad categories: Health, Nutrition and Education. Within these primary development areas, you can nuture babies, tutor homeless kids, help students study, model proper hand washing, help plant and maintain school gardens, teach English, help provide clean water, paint dormitories, help supply safe cooking stoves, promote girls' education, provide psychosocial support and much, much more. Come join us. A Global Volunteers volunteer vacation is not just an opportunity to travel and immerse yourself in a foreign culture. It’s an opportunity to use your unique skills and interests to help provide children with a horizon they wouldn’t otherwise have. You’ll do real work on this vacation...good work that will change your worldview. Even your life.

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What Can I Learn on a Volunteer Vacation?

Working with our experienced staff, your opportunity to broaden your global perspective and truly make a difference has never been greater:

  • "Give back" in a practical, compassionate way.
  • Wage peace personally and directly through service.
  • Learn first-hand about poverty and homelessness.
  • Contribute to the successes of local development work.
  • Share cultural insights with like-minded teammates.
  • Employ your talents and skills in an unconventional setting.
  • Experience a foreign culture from inside the community.
    Learn how Global Volunteers' programs work.

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  • Who Serves on Volunteer Vacations?

    People of all ages and from all walks of life can be valuable resources on our service programs. Couples, retirees, students, working professionals, families and solo travelers all join Global Volunteers teams worldwide. Minors must travel with their parent or adult guardian. Global Volunteers designed the volunteer team model to be easily accessible to most open-minded individuals. Team members routinely report that the team dynamic is one of the most satisfying aspects of our program; joining like-minded, motivated and compassionate people from all over the world. More than 30 percent of our volunteers join future teams... either within the same host community, or on a different service program. Some 40 percent of volunteers have served on three teams or more; and more than 20 percent have joined more than five teams. Some volunteers have served 20 times!

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    Is a Volunteer Vacation Right for Me?

    If you're open to new challenges and enjoy working with and learning from local people, you can contribute to and benefit from a volunteer vacation. Depending on your appetite for challenge and adventure, you can choose a program close to home, or in a community remote and unseen by conventional tourists. And, you can choose between rugged, physically-challenging environments or the familiarity of a classroom and comfortable hotel in a small town or urban setting. Each volunteer selects a service program that best employs their experience and interests to help deliver essential services to our community partners. Volunteers must be in good health and have the mental and physical capability to function as a team member. We encourage families to serve together. Each service program has individual requirements and limitations for children under age 18. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A minor application is available for children. Our volunteer coordinations will work with you to choose a program best suited to your interest, skills and abilities.

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