Volunteer as a Group with Global Volunteers

"We experienced more than I ever thought we could in one week. This is a great way for a group to get to know another culture. I have visited a number of reservations over the years and have worked with people on a number of them. These have been among the most meaningful and beneficial experiences in my life." ~ Gary Sandefur, Professor of Sociology, UW Madison
Member, Chickasaw Nation

The benefits of volunteering as a group with Global Volunteers are many. For instance, you can obtain educational, cultural and occupational opportunities that can't be duplicated through a traditional "tour" experience. Learn about each other in a non-traditional way as an intact volunteer team.

| Opportunities for high school and college groups |

Youth groups, professional associations, faith-based and civic groups as well as alumni associations and corporate teams have all experienced life-enhancing service opportunities through Global Volunteers.

As an NGO in consultation with the United Nations, Global Volunteers is committed to working in partnership with local people on long-term, comprehensive community development projects. This enables us to engage you in the most effective short-term service projects possible. We have decades of experience working with alumni and student organizations, professional associations and other groups. And, we can help you fundraise your service program fees.

Connect with people who need and want your assistance on important development projects... like Romanian care-givers, Indian English teachers and Tanzanian heath care aids. Learn first-hand about their culture and traditions while providing essential services to the people you serve. Are you considering adding service-learning opportunities to your group travel program? Contact us today. Leave your mark on the world...through group service with Global Volunteers.

"Thanks for giving us in the corporate world the opportunity to share the tremendous experience of forming our own teams! All of our expeditions have been "trips of a lifetime" for us. It's a wonderful opportunity to simply be together, to experience a different people and culture, and to enjoy true service. It's service experiences like these that help move corporate teams from 'good' to 'great.' Our experiences were 22's on a scale of 1 to 10 in measuring the value to The Prouty Project. If you take a trip with Global Volunteers anywhere they serve, I'll guarantee you'll learn somthing about yourself and your collegues that you didn't know before. Just do it!!"
~Mike Felmlee, Vice President, The Prouty Project

"Remarkable teamwork emerged as we prepared, served and returned to work with a new lens on our jobs and our lives...Both trips were great successes. Offering our staff a chance to serve together outside of our everyday work environment was a rare and unique opportunity. Global Volunteers' Romania service program was a great match for our needs...working on the other side of the world in a setting with much different staff and equipment resources. The benefits started the day we signed up for the program. We had the chance to rally support, donations and encouragement for team members. We got a lot of media coverage... the endorsements of our agency blew us away! The saying 'I am not the same person having seen the sun shine on the other side of the world,' is exponential in worth when you rally a group of people around serving with Global Volunteers!"
~ Natalie Diehl, Volunteer Services, Children's Hospitals and Clinics

"This week has been a gift to me. The people I've met and gotten to know are a gift to me. I can only say thank you. What these people are doing to better my insides so that I can do more on the outside. This trip seems to me to be more about what is outside of ourselves than what is inside. The things that we are capable of doing for other people shouldn't be done simply because we feel we should be good, or we feel we should 'give back.' It seems to me that everyone here is creating a world of good simply by living outside of their boxes. By moving in the world and realizing that there is something so much bigger than our cozy apartments in our cozy hometowns."
~ Hannah Baker-Siroty, University of Wisconsin student

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