How Does the Program Work?

We know that in choosing a "volunteer vacation," you expect to make a genuine contribution while learning about the host community. Our expertise is rooted in four decades of practical and academic experience. As a Global Volunteer, you benefit from this deep intercultural understanding.

Our investment in you begins with the first contact. We provide you complete and accurate information about your service opportunities, and counsel you to select the service program that best suits your interests and skills. The role you play on our service program is based on your individual skills and interests. In preparing for your volunteer assignment, our staff will ask you to complete a skills and interest survey, which helps our country manager and host match your abilities with work projects. This ensures that you will work on a project that interests you, and that our host partner will be able to maximize your contribution to the community. Some programs are offered back-to-back, offering extended service options.

When we receive your application, we immediately begin preparations to ensure that you will be able to make a direct and personal contribution on full-day service projects, and enjoy an experience that may change your life forever. A standard two-week itinerary looks like this:

    Saturday: Arrival in country and begin orientation
    Continue team orientation and community tour
    Monday through Friday:
    Work projects eight hours per day: (free time in the evenings)
    Saturday and Sunday: Free time
    Monday through Thursday:
    Work projects (free time in the evenings)
    Friday: Work projects and "final celebration"
    Saturday: Program ends; depart for home
Our seasoned team leaders and consultants together with community partners and host representatives ensure the "flow" of the program, leaving you to focus on your contributions to the community. You draw on the cultural expertise of this local cadre, and three decades of organizational experience, to learn from and about the local people - their language, customs and heritage.
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