Enjoy Team Dynamics as a Solo Volunteer

"Global Volunteers was one of about a dozen NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that I researched. I chose Global Volunteers because they supplied excellent information and I liked the fact that all projects are in partnership with local people."
~Judi Lees, Peru and India volunteer

If you're traveling solo, but don't want to volunteer alone in an unfamiliar community, you'll find kindred spirits on a Global Volunteers team. Allow our volunteer coordinators to guide you to genuine development projects that suit your tastes and talents. We repect your independence as a solo adventurer - and introduce you to the comfort and collegiality of a team of like-minded individuals of a wide age range. Our on-site orientation and team-building sessions helps you settle in with team mates and become comfortable in the host community. And, evening meetings and educational events provide opportunities for stimulating conversation and shared insight.
Read a reflection by solo repeat volunteer Ladelle Dilli.

Team members often share free-time together and plan weekend excursions. Global Volunteers provides a relaxed, stimulating and cohesive volunteer experience in every country. Service programs are offered year-round. Over 30 percent of our volunteers return on another team - some up to 20 times! Further, nothing is more important to us than your health and safety, and our staff and team leaders are trained to care for you throughout the service program. We manage all the program details so you can focus on your service. You'll have secure accommodations, safe food and water, and a partner community that cares about your welfare.

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