Fundraising for Your Volunteer Vacation

You don't have to finance your service program yourself!
Here are three proven techniques that can help you:

  1. Social Fundraising
    Engage friends, family members and business associates in your charitable efforts through "social fundraising." Instead of trying to scrape your pennies together, join hundreds of our volunteers who raise all or part of their service program fee and travel costs by starting your own fundraising initiative. You can do this even if you've never raised funds before using a personalized webpage for your service program. And, you can encourage others to devote their own resources to an important project. You'll be surprised how many people are willing to donate to your effort. Contact your Volunteer Coordinator today.
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    • Click here to read our Fundraising Terms and Conditions.

  2. Apply for a matching gift.
    Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Some provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift! Matching gifts can either be a donation to Global Volunteers or used towards your service program fee.

  3. Apply for a scholarship.
    There are various scholarship opportunities available throughout the year to help you fund your service program. Scholarships are for individuals looking to volunteer serving on service programs domestically and abroad. These scholarship opportunities are offered by third parties not affiliated with Global Volunteers. Usually the volunteer activity must be part of a program run by an organization with a 501 (c)(3) status and submitted by an authorized representative of the sponsoring organization. Global Volunteers is happy to help you submit your application for a scholarship for one of our service programs. Contact your Volunteer Coordinator today.

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