Volunteer Vacation in Greece

If you enjoy children and teens, you can be an essential resource in Crete. Volunteer in Greece, and teach promising and at-risk students English - the international language of commerce, technology, and opportunity! Or, assist with recreational programs and craft making at a friendly center for handicapped youth and adults. Volunteer work opportunities are set within the picturesque mountain valleys and coastal communities the island of Crete are internationally known for. Enjoy service-learning as a family, couple or solo volunteer. Teens, especially, find summer "language camps" a fun and challenging service opportunity to work with students on English pronunciation and usage.

"Global Volunteers are priceless....It is not just the work they do within the community; it is also the broader impact they have on our children, teaching them that they too can become volunteers within our community"!
- Mr Kostas Mamoulakis, Mayor of Maleviziou

No need for previous teaching experience - you'll be provided classroom materials and curricula to guide your lessons. And, most often, you'll be "team teaching" with another volunteer. Your knowledge of standard pronunciation, idioms, and syntax is the resource they seek.

Volunteer and make a significant difference in Greece. Always serving at the invitation and under the direction of host community partners, each Global Volunteers team member works alongside local professionals on these service projects.

"I've learned more conversational English tips from these volunteers over the past two weeks than I ever did during my years at college." - Mrs. Julia, Elementary School English Teacher

Feed your soul in Greece! Read how one volunteer combined two passions - and found herself teaching English in Crete.

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