Volunteer Vacation in Italy

As a lauded tourist destination, Italy's "heel of the boot" extends a gentle familiarity to international travelers. Whitewashed buildings, narrow streets, fresh-air markets and rocky hills jutting into the sky-blue Adriatic Sea cast a spell on all who visit.

But what many tourists miss is a meaningful human connection to this enchanting region. This is what you gain as a volunteer in Italy.

Teach English to Enthusiastic Students: You'll experience Italy as L'amico preferito" ("favorite friend"). Global Volunteers works in the English language classrooms of the Puglia region where you can lend your heart and gain new friends. Student groups, couples, retirees, families and solo volunteers of all backgrounds have volunteered in Italy classrooms, summer camps and small groups to share their knowledge of English.

"Global Volunteers travel abroad not merely as tourists, but they provide assistance in any way possible. They are people who genuinely care about other people, regardless of their culture or ethnicity. That's why we believe we have been fortunate and proud to work with them.

My personal opinion is that Global Volunteers represents the people of the United State in the most positive way. When I first met my American volunteers, I was surprised that they did not represent my previous ideas of Americans as self-absorbed and superficial. They....are laying the basic bricks of the greatest building in the world: Peace and brotherhood."
~ Patrizia Mazzoli, Italy teacher

English has become the language of commerce, technology and opportunity worldwide. In times of economic distress, Italian students greatly value the opportunity to learn American English (the language of the internet) from native speakers to enhance their employment opportunities. Volunteers in Italy gain a "non-tourist" perspective of daily life in the host community. Together, volunteers and students express their genuine humanity, and help remove cultural stereotypes that interfere with international understanding and respect. Since 1995, volunteers in Italy have served up to 10 times a year in Ostuni, Monopoli, Cisternino, Carovignio, Ceglie Messapica, Torre Santa Susanna, Martina Franca, Fasano, and Franca Villa Fontana.

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