Volunteer Vacation in Mexico

Experience Mexico as a volunteer, and learn about vibrant cultural practices, strong family traditions, a clear and proud national identity, and students' determination to improve their future opportunities. Even if you don't have teaching experience, you can teach conversational English as a volunteer in Mexico. Our host communities of Dolores Hidalgo and Queretaro are very safe - and are two of Mexico's finest cultural and historical centers. Most important, you're immediately accepted and appreciated as a rare and valuable resource when you work as a volunteer in Mexico. (The U.S. State Department travel warning does not apply to this area.)

"It's important for our students to practice with native speakers, because in this way they realize what they are learning is real. They know that English is a very useful tool for everyday communication and necessary to get a better job. Because of the interaction with the volunteers, students start dreaming about traveling to other countries and having foreign friends. Its an incredible experience for our students and for us too. Thank you so much for your help."
~ Deya, UTEQ Instructor

English has become the language of commerce, technology and opportunity worldwide. In times of economic distress, Mexico's students greatly value the opportunity to learn American English (the language of the internet) from native speakers to enhance their employment opportunities. Volunteering in Mexico provides you a "non-tourist" perspective of daily life in our partner communities, and the opportunity to experience the country through its future leaders.

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