You Make all the Difference in the World

There are thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) trying to help the world's impoverished children. They work on nutrition, education and health projects in every country. Yet, according to the United Nations, each year more children are hungry, malnourished and sick than the year before. How can this be?

We believe short-term volunteers make all the difference. You represent a renewable resource for delivering essential services that can't be matched in any other way. Indeed, you make all the difference in the world.

Three decades ago, we became convinced that the only way to truly help the world's children was through a worldwide volunteer effort - people like you on the ground, looking the problem in the eye. Because money alone isn't the answer. But, time is the answer - your time as a Global Volunteer.

Clearly, your presence is more than valuable, because nutrition and health "ladder up" to intellectual capability, and IQ is ultimately what enables local people to achieve their potential. Decades of studies prove that hungry children, malnourished children, and children with parasitic infections struggle to learn. The unfortunate bottom line is that the brain of a perennially sick and hungry child just doesn't develop normally, and the human potential of that child is severely compromised. Forever.

Consequently, developing communities are slow to develop, or don't fully develop, because the intellectual capital isn't up and coming at a robust level to lead the development.

But we know we can change that through a sustained infusion of short-term volunteers concentrating their resources on comprehensive, integrated development.

So here's the choice. You can take an ordinary vacation and see the world. Or you can take a volunteer vacation with us and leave your positive mark on it.

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