Volunteer Vacation in Peru

Children in all countries of the world are precious. But those who must overcome great odds hold a special place in our hearts. Volunteer in Peru, and care for vulnerable children of all ages.

The rapid migration of families from rural areas surrounding Lima into the city has generated many social problems and left thousands of children homeless or neglected. But, thanks to our host partners, essential services are provided in the fringe communities where children live in abject poverty. And loving and safe "homes" give vulnerable children in Lima a chance for a fulfilling future. Global Volunteers works in partnership with community leaders in the impoverished community of Alto Progreso and a public orphanage in Lima to offer compassionate support so children can improve their future potential. Family and individual volunteers can contribute to health, education, childcare, nutrition and labor projects to transform children's lives. Read an account by 13-year-old volunteer Amy Pinkus.

What's more, through our partnership with an impressive English Language Center accessible to students of all means and backgrounds, you're able to help deliver valuable English skills which can be a passport out of poverty for many. Whether working one-on-one with "at-risk" children, or serving as a classroom resource, you have an unprecedented opportunity to help others while immersing yourself in a complex and colorful culture as a volunteer in Peru.

"In general and overall, the trip was breath-taking and very wonderful for us, individually and as a family. We loved volunteering in Peru."
~ Jeanne Blaustein, mother in family of four

Essential Services in Peru

Essential Services TriangleGlobal Volunteers works with community partners to greatly expand impoverished and at-risk students' educational, health and social resources. As a link in a long chain of volunteers in Peru, you can help deliver essential services in these ways:
  • teaching conversational English, math, science and geography
  • demonstrating study skills and assisting with homework
  • teaching health, nutrition and hygiene
  • promoting girls' education
  • providing conversational English instruction to small groups of college students
  • demonstrating effective hand washing
  • starting and maintaining school and community gardens
  • constructing and repairing schools, walls and roads
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