Volunteer Vacation in Portugal

Teach English to Youth and Adults. Along the Atlantic Iberian Peninsula of Europe, Portugal became a world power during the "Age of Discovery" - and became the first nation-state in Western Europe.

However, global economic pressures limit the country's commercial influence - and youth's futures. As a volunteer in Portugal, you can tip the scale in students' favor. English has become the language of commerce, technology and opportunity worldwide. Our partners in Beja seek opportunities for their students to learn American English (the language of the internet) from native speakers to enhance their opportunities to be successful in a highly competitive job market.

Today, Portugal is a European leader and founding member of NATO, OECD, and EFTA. Students know that English is a critical skill for their personal development. Family volunteers and individuals can make a significant contribution! You can connect with local people as a "non-tourist" - providing a service that isn't available locally. No matter your background or skills, volunteering in Portugal helps create a more prosperous future for eager students in this welcoming community!

“Each day has been a bit like unwrapping a surprising package. After lunch, we had our library time—thinking that it might be a bit lonely. That didn’t last.  Before we knew it, we were surrounded by students eager to talk, listen and help us with our visitor’s map.  We let them circle anything of interest as long as they talked to us. Needless to say, we now have a map with lots of museums, churches and parks circled."
~ Irene Finnegan, Portugal volunteer

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