Paint, Build, Landscape and Repair Community Buildings

volunteer vacation labor projectCan you pound a nail, swing a paint brush, or plant a flower? Work outdoors or inside on labor projects abroad. You're needed to help build, repair and paint classrooms, homes, community centers, medical clinics, and the like. Many host communities we serve need help with light construction projects, landscaping and assistance to beautify public spaces, help install playgrounds and more. No professional skills are required. Anyone in good physical condition can assist with labor projects. These are great family opportunities: Children as young as six can work in some communities with local youth and adults.

Sometimes we take on large-scale projects, such as playground construction, road repair, home renovation or water system installation. We always work under the direction of local project managers who budget for and guide us in making the greatest contibution with our volunteer labor and project funding. Those with specialized skills -- carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other trades people -- are needed to volunteer in host communities who can't afford their services.

Many of these improvements wouldn't be possible without Global Volunteers' help. Here's where you can employ your expertise, learn new skills, instruct others, or polish up your "handyman" talent! Leave a lasting contribution in a worthy community and make a significant difference in the life of others. You can do this!

"Each day, we were matched by willing hands and hearts. There was laughter, serious work, purpose and focus. As we worked side-by-side, the local children were encouraged to do physical work at their level when they had a break from schoolwork -- helping to carry, paint, dig and be an authentic part of the project that was their schoolhouse."
~ Michael Hightower, Costa Rica Volunteer

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