Community Projects Deliver Essential Services

The needs in our host communities are vast, and so are the opportunities to make a genuine difference. All development projects are organized to help deliver essential services identified by local leaders. Our partners' priorities might vary throughout the year, but Global Volunteers' partnership with local people remains stable year after year.

What type of work do you enjoy? Contribute to a project that employs your professional skills - or try something new. Regardless of your specific assignment, you'll support vital services in these areas:

  • Child Care: Stimulating, nurturing, feeding, and playing with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  • Gardens: Establishing, planting, maintaining and harvesting school and household gardens using Earthbox® technology.
  • Labor Assistance: Painting, repairing, building and landscaping community facilities.
  • Classroom Tutoring: One-on-one assistance in math, science, computer literacy, geography and the like.
  • Health Care: Assisting with non-invasive procedures such blood pressure checks, Diabetes screening, eye exams, Malaria and Dengue Fever prevention and de-worming programs.
  • Health Education: Providing HIV/Aids Instruction, modeling soap and water hand washing, offering community public health classes using the text "Where There is No Doctor."
  • Material Donations: Bring needed supplies with you on your service program to support community projects.

Each of these community projects help deliver the 12 Essential Services required for children to reach their full potential: Essential Services Triangle

    School and Household Gardens, Child Nutrition, Micronutrient Supplementation, Improved Stoves

    Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Education; Malaria and Dengue Fever Prevention, Deworming, HIV/Aids Education

    General Education, Girl’s Education, Potable Water and Sanitation Facilities, Psychosocial Support

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