Assist With Health Care

Volunteers provide non-invasive health care assistance such as eye exams, diabetes screenings, blood pressure checks, well-baby exams, Malaria and Dengue Fever prevention, de-worming programs and the like.

In some host countries, access to basic medical care is minimal, so rural health care aids provide many of the services in partner communities. People in developing nations are plagued by problems of low birth weight, under-nutrition, diarrheal diseases, unsafe drinking water, and the lack of information and resources to address each of these conditions. Rural health care aids offer interventions in the areas of preventive medicine, pre-natal care, immunizations, patient counseling, family planning, and the treatment of infectious diseases. Volunteers can provide basic assistance in outreach and home visits as well as patient clinic visits. In all cases, volunteer health care assistance is a part-time work assignment, and you will be assigned to other community projects as needed.

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