Teach English, Math, Science, Health and History Abroad

Offer your practical knowledge to students as a classroom resource on varied school subjects, including science, math, history, geography, nutrition, reading, computer skills and more. You don't need professional teaching experience to encourage, re-direct and stimulate students who need extra attention to succeed in basic classes. You may be asked to work separately, one-on-one with special needs students, or to serve as an outside resource to an entire classroom. Classes are taught in English, and standard teaching materials will be available to you. Only your creativity is your limit!

Volunteers also support UNICEF's "Go Girls!" campaign and the World Food Programme's program encouraging parents to release their daughters from household responsibilities to attend school.

tutoring in St. Lucia"The children were very receptive to our ideas and strategies. It was a joy to work with them each day. They sincerely tried to grasp the concepts we were teaching, and rewarded us richly with their smiles."
~ Barb Hazzard, St. Lucia Volunteer

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