Volunteer Vacation in Romania

Make the Difference in a Child's Life. An enchanting and picturesque land where past and present rub shoulders, Romania is a nation of medieval cities, painted monasteries and towering mountains. Her people are likewise captivating, having survived a tumultuous history and a recent revolution with grace and fierce pride. You're needed now to volunteer in Romania and care for needy and abandoned babies, help upgrade and brighten their hospital rooms, or teach English to teens in school classrooms. No matter the circumstances of their birth, youth of all ages understand the nurturing touch and kind words of a caring adult. You can contribute to their life-long development! No special skills are required - families and individuals of all ages can contribute to childcare and teaching projects.

We work with local partners to help meet the special needs of at-risk children at the Municipal Hospital “Elena Beldiman”, Children’s Department and to teach conversational English through Vaslui Department of Education. Work one-on-one with playful kids, paint and decorate their environment, and serve as a resource for English lessons in classrooms and small groups.

Essential Services in Romania

Essential Services TriangleGlobal Volunteers works with social services and educational community partners to greatly expand impoverished, disabled and orphaned childrens' security, nutritional, health, educational and social resources. Since our Romanian development partnership began in 2004, our community projects have focused on at-risk and disabled children. As an essential link in a long chain of volunteers in Romania, you can help deliver essential services to children in these ways:

  • nurturing and stimulating under-developed and disabled children
  • helping upgrade and brighten children’s living areas
  • helping establish and maintain community gardens
  • demonstrating effective hand washing
  • teaching English to elementary and middle school students
  • promoting girls' education
  • maintaining and repairing living facilities for disabled youth

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