International Volunteering as a Couple

Volunteering abroad can be life-altering for couples of all ages and backgrounds. The teamwork structure of Global Volunteers programs optimizes your service contribution, while joining with like-minded teammates increases the potential for your personal satisfaction. Global Volunteers offers meaningful service options for couples who want to learn about each other in a new and different way. Sometimes, these experiences lead to a new directions. For instance, Tanzania volunteers Mimi Gendreau and Eric Noyes became committed to their host community on their first service program, and raised funds together with family and friends to help complete a potable water system in 2011.

"We fell in love with the people and the area of Pommern. The community, teachers, and students were so warm and welcoming to us, that we quickly felt a strong connection to them and wanted to continue our work by helping in a project that would be long-term and sustainable. It became our main focus."
~Mimi Gendreau, Tanzania volunteer

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Service Opportunities Rooted in Development

You can be assured that your help is needed and wanted, because Global Volunteers works under the direction and at the invitation of local partners. Each service program engages you and your spouse or companion in important community development projects, such as teaching English, planting and maintaining community gardens, building clinics and classrooms, caring for disabled toddlers - and so much more. Join us in reaching out to at-risk children, and help deliver essential services in partner communities worldwide.

Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety, and our staff and team leaders are trained to care for you throughout the service program. We manage all the program details so you can focus on your service. You'll have secure accommodations, safe food and water, and a partner community that cares about your welfare.

“It’s very difficult to explain that this was not just a trip. It was a life-altering experience for both of us. We touched as many people as we could and made a difference in their lives. Sometimes we got so excited and charged up about our work, we couldn’t sleep at night.”
~Stephan and Barbara Baseman, Italy volunteers

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