The Essential Services We Provide

As a Global Volunteer, you will be providing essential services as identified by United Nations' agencies - the World Food Programme and UNICEF specifically - to address the complex issues preventing children from developing fully.  As a team member, you collaborate with local people at eye level, where crops are planted, children are taught and protected, and health care is delivered. Your individual assignment is part of a much larger whole - designed to address long-term community needs and goals. This is where Global Volunteers excels: community projects on which you work.

Essential Services ProspectusSince 1984, Global Volunteers has helped partner communities deliver most of these services to local people worldwide. Hunger, Health and IQ are the three top-level categories within these Essential Services. Read the Essential Services Prospectus

    Eradicating Hunger
    School and Household Gardens
    Child Nutrition
    Micronutrient Supplementation
    Essential Services Triangle Improved Stoves

    Improving Health
    Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Education
    Malaria Prevention
    HIV Aids Education

    Enhancing IQ
    General Education
    Promoting Girl’s Education
    Potable Water and Sanitation Facilities
    Psychosocial Support

These services are obviously interrelated - moreover, Hunger and Health directly support IQ. Research clearly demonstrates that when children have sufficient food and proper nutrition, and the opportunity to be free from chronic disease, their IQs are higher than children who do not have those essentials. The greatest probability of success comes from a comprehensive strategy that embraces all of the essential services.

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