Volunteering Seniors in Service Worldwide

"I'll always regard my three Global Volunteers assignments as highlights of my life.  I wish there had been more."
~ Peter Grylls, AZ

Your mature life perspective is honored and respected within Global Volunteers' partner communities. More than ever, volunteers age 60 and over are finding their good health and years of knowledge enable them to give back in a fun and meaningful way. The team work structure of Global Volunteers programs optimizes your service contribution while joining with like-minded team mates increases the potential for your personal satisfaction.

More than 20 percent of our volunteers each year are 70 and older, and many return year after year with the new friends they've made on a Global Volunteers team. Allow us to guide you to service opportunities that suit your interests and skills. Volunteer solo or with family or friends - share your love of learning and adventure with others in your life!

Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety, and our staff and team leaders are trained to care for you throughout the service program. You'll have secure accommodations, safe food and water, and a partner community that cares about your welfare.

Service Opportunities Rooted in Development
We know that in choosing a "volunteer vacation," you expect to make a genuine contribution while learning about the host community. You can be assured that your help is needed and wanted, because Global Volunteers works under the direction and at the invitation of local partners. Each service program engages you and your team mates in important community development projects, such as teaching English, planting and maintaining community gardens, building clinics and classrooms, caring for disabled toddlers - and so much more. Join us in reaching out to at-risk children, and help deliver essential services in partner communities worldwide. Our expertise is deep and wide, so as a Global Volunteer, you can anticipate new insights as you contribute to important projects.

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