Who Becomes a Global Volunteer?

Regardless of your experience and taste for adventure, you can join a motivated, cohesive team of volunteers who share many attitudes and interests in common. Our volunteers' backgrounds are wide and varied. Approximately 65 percent of our volunteers are women. From teen to retiree, and student to judge, individuals of all walks of life have walked the path of a Global Volunteer. About half of our team members are under age 55, and half are over 55. Our fastest growing volunteer population is under age 20. An increasing number of families and various intergenerational pairings are exploring volunteer opportunities together. "Baby Boomers" have helped us pioneer service programs worldwide for nearly three decades.

As a volunteering couple, you see each other in new ways and share life-enhancing memories.

Students serving as a group or independently gain "real life" experiences working with local people of all ages in fascinating cultures. All minors must travel with a parent or guardian, or adult chaparones if in a group.

Volunteers typically share common characteristics such as flexibility, compassion, a sense of adventure, and most importantly, the desire to work with and learn from local people in the host community. Team members are drawn from throughout the world, mainly from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We require no second language proficiency, previous international experience, or professional expertise for participation on USA and international volunteer programs.

"Encore" volunteers are foundational to our continued success, and enrich our service programs. More than 35 percent of our volunteers join future teams... either within the same host community, or on a different service program. Some 40 percent of volunteers have served on three teams or more; and more than 20 percent have joined more than five teams. These repeat volunteers enrich service programs with their experience as team members, and their practical understanding of Global Volunteers' Philosophy of Service. "Encore" volunteers are the backbone of our consistent and high-level service to host communities worldwide. Further, they are excellent resources for new volunteers on most service programs.

"We've known each other since last Saturday and I am amazed at the talent and achievement level of this group. There is a fighter pilot, journalists, students, entrepreneurs, a biologist, an artist, and master teachers, many of whom have also mastered life's most difficult task of parenting. I've been some places, done some things, am perhaps a bit smug about it. But after talking with my teammates in recent days, I said to my wife, 'man, can you believe what this group has done?' I gotta go home and get a life."
~ Don Campbell, Vietnam volunteer

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