The St. Lucia Project

Volunteer in St. Lucia, the West Indies and leave a legacy. As one of the world's most beautiful islands, with its crystal-blue bays, soft beaches, and mountain vistas, the island's poverty is hidden from the average tourist. Amidst this tropical paradise, children face life-limiting nutrition, health and education challenges.

Watch how as a volunteer in St. Lucia, you can become part of a ground-breaking demonstration project to change children's future.

Over 30 percent of the island's people live in poverty. Recent global research shows that insufficient nutrition and persistent parasitic and diarrhoeal disease in developing countries like St. Lucia adversely impacts children's brain development, especially in the earliest years. Generations are affected, resulting in entire populations who struggle to develop their human potential.

Global Volunteers works with community leaders in Anse la Raye, on the western coast of the island, to help deliver the 12 Essential Services to local families. This small village will become a demonstration for all of St. Lucia, confirming that when children are provided sufficient food and nutrition and are protected from infectious disease, their brains can develop fully. When those children are educated, they have the opportunity to realize the fullness of their potential. Short-term volunteers, working under the direction of community leaders, assist parents and local organizations deliver the essential services that every child requires.

>Watch KSTP Channel 5's Jason Davis', "On The Road Again" special about our project in St. Lucia

A research team - specifically assigned to measure improvements in IQ - will document this demonstration project. The positive results in Anse la Raye will be replicated in other communities on the island - resulting in St. Lucia becoming a model for all developing countries. The St. Lucia Project will demonstrate that local people, with the catalytic assistance of short-term volunteers, can ensure that every young child receives the development assistance they need to thrive.

Imagine contributing to a demonstration project raising the IQ of an entire country's children! No matter your background, your personal efforts will help improve this community's future, and perhaps the future of the entire planet. This opportunity enables you to contribute to a momentous - and literally - life-changing project. Volunteer in St. Lucia, become a sponsor, donate funds for materials, or support program efforts in additional ways to change the arc of children's lives forever.

Leave Your Mark on the World.

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