Volunteer Vacation in Tanzania

Contribute to Life-Enhancing Community Projects. The Serengeti Plain, the Great Ruaha Rift, and the Masai and Hehe tribes - these natural and cultural wonders of Tanzania can transport you to a world without pressures or worries. Sadly, the human realities within this beautiful region are startling: High infant mortality, poor health care, and low literacy rates stemming from extreme poverty. In the Iringa district, needs are immense and resources are few. Volunteer in Tanzania, and teach classroom subjects, upgrade community buildings, and help plant and maintain school gardens.

Here's a place where individuals, groups and families can make a significant difference - share your skills in elementary and secondary classrooms, a rural dispensary, or assist local leaders with hand washing and hygiene campaigns. Join our team and become a lifeline as a volunteer in Tanzania! Read how one volunteering family offered health care assistance.

tanzania volunteer vacation"You’re in the best hands, as you'll see from the responsiveness of Global Volunteers, and for every moment you’re on the ground with Edward and Mohammed. My children came to feel as though they became Edward's kin, and still do after all this time.  I can assure you that every team member feels the same. Global Volunteer has created a unique, loyal, and lasting legacy in their projects, especially in Pommern, Tanzania."
~ Amy Kleissler, three-time Tanzania volunteer with her sons.

Essential Services in Tanzania

Essential Services TriangleGlobal Volunteers has worked in partnership with local leaders since 1987 to bring human and economic resources to children and families in small villages in one of the most impoverished countries in the world. As an essential link in a long chain of volunteers in Tanzania, you can help deliver essential services to local people in a number of ways:

  • teaching English to elementary and middle school students
  • teaching math, science and geography
  • demonstrating study skills and assisting with homework
  • teaching health, nutrition and hygiene
  • promoting girls' education
  • demonstrating effective hand washing
  • starting and maintaining school gardens
  • constructing and repairing classrooms and dormitories
  • assisting local heath care workers with public health campaigns

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