Volunteer Vacation in the USA

Blackfeet Indian Reservation of Montana. Unique and meaningful service opportunities await you within the borders of the United States! In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, you can help resourceful communities create a better life for their children. Work one-on-one with local people on education, labor, childcare and cultural projects for a week of service, learning and fun.

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You and your teammates become a part of another community, living with people of a different culture - enjoying their traditions, history and celebrations. Children serving with their families are welcome! Volunteer in the USA and be the resource for at-risk youth needing just a little extra help and encouragement. Never doubt the impact you and your family can have in just one week in our host communities!

"We look forward to Global Volunteers coming each year to the Reservation. They always bring energy and inspiration to our leaders, a vision of caring to our adults, and a good work ethic to our children. We work hand-in-hand to build a better future."
~ Bob Tailfeathers, Blackfeet Community College

Essential Services in the USA

Essential Services TriangleGlobal Volunteers works in partnership with local leaders to bring human and economic resources to children and families on an Indian Reservation. As an essential link in a long chain of volunteers in the USA, you can help deliver essential services to local people in a number of ways:

  • planting and maintaining community gardens
  • demonstrating study skills and assisting with homework
  • providing psychosocial support through recreation projects
  • lending professional skills to elders, treatment centers, crisis homes
  • constructing and repairing homes and community facilities
  • assisting with public health campaigns and special events

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