Volunteer Vacation in Vietnam

Teach English to Youth and Adults. Vietnam is a young country, both historically and socially. The people of Vietnam are welcoming, family-oriented, hard-working, and focused on the future. An estimated 37 percent of all Vietnamese people are less than age 15, while 12 percent are over age 60. In 1986, the Vietnam government moved toward a market-based economy that is quite evident today. Consequently, a strong knowledge of the English language - specifically American English (the language of the internet) - is important for young adults' success in the job market. The national government seeks to have all school subjects taught in English by 2020.

A volunteer’s reflection on service in Hanoi, Vietnam

Volunteer in Vietnam in lively classes of youth and young adults on University campuses, a center for visually impaired students, and in a private secondary school in Hanoi. Experience this fascinating culture as a valued resource! Because Vietnam's long-term development and ability to communicate in the global marketplace depends upon the high-priority effort to make English their language of instruction, every native English speaker is a valuable volunteer in Vietnam. You must, however, be especially physically mobile to serve on this program, because the amount of walking, stair climbing and navigating busy traffic is quite challenging.

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